Sell With Confidence

Price and Time on Market

Price and Time on Market

Selling your home is now easy with White Rock Realty. As professional realtors in Dallas and Fort Worth, we get your home sold faster and for the highest possible price. We assure that selling your home is going to be a hassle-free experience for you.

Three things sell homes:

  1. Price
  2. Marketing
  3. Exposure

At White Rock Realty, we believe that listings are the foundation of the real estate business.  Some of the things that are standard with all of our listing clients are:

  1. Complete comparative market analysis with a range of prices that match the current level of supply and demand
  2. Professional photos
  3. Staging guidance
  4. Professional fliers inside your home
  5. Open house
  6. Personal calls to local Realtors promoting your home

Did you know…that Texas is a non-disclosure state?  That means that NO ONE can tell you what a home has sold for, except a licensed Real Estate agent in Texas.  So, if you want an accurate assessment of your home’s value, ask one of our professionals. Fill out the information below and we will respond immediately.

Positioning Your Home

We work with you the make sure your home is optimally showcased so that it sells fast.  

Complete Guidance

Even if you have sold a home before, we are there as your full-service consultants to ensure everything goes as expected.

White Rock Realty

Price It Right

Property valuation is one of the most crucial factors involved in selling a home. Our professionals assist you in pricing it right from the start.